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Movement Disorders

Marked by visible and invisible symptoms, movement disorders include diseases like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s. If not managed, these diseases can be pervasive and debilitating, as they affect the brain’s ability to operate motor skills such as walking, hand dexterity, and even speech. Butler’s advances in treatment and ongoing research continue to improve the quality of life for individuals faced with these conditions.


Our Programs

Movement Disorders Program

A world-class treatment and research program dedicated to caring for patients with Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Tardive Dyskinesia and other movement disorders. The team of experts provides diagnosis, comprehensive medical management of movement disorders, offers innovative treatments and conducts pioneering research. Our goal in establishing a Movements Disorders Program at Butler Hospital is to foster greater collaboration among neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists in treating the fatigue, depression, and apathy often associated with movement disorders. By leading important research and providing top quality, innovative patient care, the Movement Disorders Program seeks to build better understanding and improve treatments.